Our Core is Pacific Albus Wood. Vertically laminated. Can be compared with Poplar species but lighter and stronger.
Bottom Glass: 600gr 0' X 90' Biax. Top Glass: -45' X +45' 420gr Biax.

Centerline rocker strip of glass on the top. This stops any reverse flex.

Flex of the board is engineered. There is a ridge in the middle of the board on the deck peak of the core thickness taper. This keeps the rocker flatter between feet while riding and focuses the flex in the tips where it belongs , acting the same way as pre-stressed concrete does.

Sidewalls are poured urethane shore A 95 durometer hardness. WILL NOT SOFTEN IN HEAT like competitors using cheap Chinese Urethanes. This adds extra durability, protecting the wood against perforation and water infiltration due to shocks on the rails. Compared to ABS, urethane also helps having a better flex along the board rail.

Fin holes are also poured urethane.

960.00 €