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As Sailmakers we use our knowledge and experience to manufacture durable and high-quality Shade Sails

Our Shade Sails are produced with high-quality, resistant and UV protection materials

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Horizon V Retractable Bio Climatic Pergola

100% aluminum structure and aesthetic

Perfect durability thanks to the powder coating of the parts and profiles. The system is composed of injected aluminum parts to guarantee a very high durability. It is a high-end bio climatic retractable pergola with solid posts. All the fixing systems and the drive mechanism are hidden for a perfect aesthetic.

Easy assembly and installation

Where other models of retractable pergolas on the market are very complex to install, our model offers very simple blades to screw, pre-assembled in the factory. Two installers and a single day are enough to install a bio climatic retractable pergola of 5 meters of overhang by 4 meters wide.

Awning in open position

The blades of the pergola retract together over a distance of 1.20 meters (5m total) to form a protective canopy and leave room for the sun on the rest of the terrace. This last one allows you to benefit from the advantages of an awning in summer which breaks the sun but does not prevent it's passage to gain in luminosity in the winter.

Excellent sealing

Once closed, the slats all rest on a joint that makes the bio climatic retractable pergola waterproof. The evacuation is done through the gutter and the posts. The pergola is better than a balcony for your house. You keep an open-air terrace accessible even in rainy weather while being protected whatever the weather conditions.


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